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Adept II

New GPU RX 6600 May Not Be Properly Seated In the PCI Express Slot


I've just installed Sapphire RX 6600 (Lite Edition). My motherboard is MSI B450 Tomahawk.

I am not sure if the GPU is fully inserted in the motherboard slot. The same thing happened when I was installing my previous GPU, though nothing had changed since I installed it back then, and I was able to use it till now, without a problem.

The thing is that when I insert the RX 6600 there is no clicking sound and the plastic latch on the motherboard does not click back when I insert the video card ( I made sure the latch was pressed down beforehand). So, after inserting the new GPU I moved up the plastic latch manually. I am writing from the same PC the new graphics card is installed on. As I said, exact same thing happened with my previous GPU and I had to manually pull the plastic latch.

I am just worried that the card, though still working, may not be fully inserted, thus leading to problems. And I don't want to press too much, so I don't break the GPU.

Is there anything I can check to make sure the card is actually fully and not partially inserted?

I'd appreciate your help with that.

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Adept II

I've managed to deal with it, thus no help is needed.