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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

New Egg sucks

Even after having $1500 of product in my basket to build a new system New Egg refuses to sell me a RX 580 at a reasonable price. My nephew sold his LC Vega 64 for $1500 on Amazon then he went to Micro Center and they Sold him a 1080 ti that was priced @ $1200 for $850 since he was going to buy a $800 monitor with it. But no New Egg will not work with someone building a personnel PC. PS my nephew return the 1080ti & Monitor to  Micro Center. He said not worth the money looks the same as his Vega 64 and Samsung Freesync. Stil New Egg blows will never deal with them again. Just wish their was a Micro Center near Pittsburgh.

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There's a current shortage of video cards everywhere, and nobody, not even Chinese owned Newegg, will sell cards cheaper outside of listed combo deals.