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Journeyman III

New AMD user 6900XT


I got a 6900XT today, going from a 2080S. I’m new to AMD.

After getting semi used to all the new settings and software and DDU all my old driver I started having a little play on some games.


Seemed really good to start really high frame rates on high settings like I’d expect but then weird things started happening..stuttering. I’d get 15 to 20 FPS drops sometimes more which is ruining the experience tbh.


I’m a bit lost on what to do now, can anyone help me please? 

I have a 10900k, 1000w new Corsair PSU, LG ultra wide monitor 144hz free sync etc


I’ve followed some

optimisation vids abs that’s not helped as yet



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Adept I

Hi there jb6699,

I had recently switched over to AMD GPUs as well.  And yeah, the drivers seem a bit weird at first for sure.  It would be really nice if they had "optimized" settings for each game that factored in your H/W & resolution / framerate... 

First off, I have a 6900XT as well, and can assure you it will run pretty much anything at any resolution, EXCEPT if you enable Ray Tracing, (especially in Cyber Punk 2077).  Unfortunately, Ray Tracing isn't great yet for AMD in most titles, although they are working on a competitor to DLSS, which will help a lot.  To be completely honest, I may prefer non-RT anyways...

I had issues with the latest "BETA" driver, 21.3.2, so perhaps go back to the last Certified Release of 21.3.1 and try that.  Look around for a Utility to completely remove AMD Drivers first, then install the non-BETA driver.

I have noticed some weird issues with some games that use say 5% GPU when running in a window on-screen, but then when you minimize them, the GPU usage jumps up by up to 25% (i would expect GPU usage to go down, if anything).  I usually have at least one "idle" game running, but now I don't minimize them (although I usually close them when running something like Cyber Punk 2077).  Open Task Manager or the Radeon driver before running the game, so you can see what the usage / memory etc. is when you see the issue.  Just switch back to Task Manager (look at the GPU column on the Processes tab and the GPU info on the Performance tab) to see if you see something weird...

I Hope this Helps!

Ryzen 7 5800X • Radeon RX 6900 XT • 64GB RAM


thanks for the reply I’ll definitely try what you’ve suggested with the driver. Not sure what one it’s on as I’ve just gone to bed, the latest one I’d assume when I installed the software, as a trail I DDU the the driver and reinstalled but all sorts of other odds things now happen. I’ve included a picture, this is something that wasn’t happening before i reinstalled, I noticed the clock speed going off the chart and vram at 96% usage, the cards all on default settings.

It just makes no sense to me now.