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Journeyman III

My GPU isn't being detected in bios or device manager

I bought a second hand Rx 580 , the man tested it infront , he did a heaven benchmark

and everything was working completely fine. when I got home , I took the gpu and put it inside of my pc,

I plugged the 8-pin connector  and connect the hdmi cable into my gpu but when I booted on my pc there was no display.

I removed the hdmi cable form my gpu and plugged it into my mobo there was a display and I looked at the device manager to see if the gpu was detected and it wasn't. I went into the bios to see if my pci-e slot was detected and it says empty.

What can i do ?


CPU: i3 8100

MOBO:H310m Pro-Vh

RAM:1*16gb - kingston 2400mhz

gpu: Rx 580

PSU: Corsair cx600

ssd: Lexar 512gb

Hdd: 1tb western digital 

(I tested with a gt 730 , the vga and dvi port worked fine but the hdmi port doesn't(The hdmi port isn't damage))

(I flashed my bios to the latest version)


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