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Journeyman III

My Amd Rx 550 2gb keeps disconnecting

So here is what I got

Core i3 4170, 8gb ram

So lately my GPU has been bugging me for a while now
recently my GPU has been disconnecting and I get a notification for AMD software the GPU is either removed or interruped by some update but for a while I have been monitoring my GPU using the amd software the utilization spikes goes from 0-100 and back to 0 and its repetitive but using the metric overlay it does show the gpu working at 100%

idk what to do i recently did a fresh windows installation and its got worse my frames has been really bad and playing apex temps reached around 78 and observing the watts consumed while playing gpu intensive games its like around 13 watts which seems low but its now around 22-23 while playing Genshin impact. The vram clock speed jumps from 300-1500 and again down to 300 (underload) is this normal is it supposed to be somewhere between?

but honestly idk what i should do i am not really good with troubleshooting finally coming here for help
Is my GPU Dying?

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Journeyman III

A10-9700, 16Gb Ram

I have the same problem. Do you find a solution? Or at least an answer?