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Adept I

MSI Rx 5700 XT can't play any videos

So I just bought a new MSI Rx 5700 XT and everytime I try to play a video this happens 

Anyone know a fix? I download and updated my bios and drivers. Got every new update form AMD's site and tried everything I can. I need help badly. Audio works but the videos are unwatchable.

I am using an AMD Ryzen 5 2600x with 16 GB of ram. 

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Journeyman III

I had this issue with RX 5700. Found that sometimes videos wouldn't work and even using Windows own media players could even blue screen for me.

Radeon Wattman monitoring tool also wouldn't work for me, it just wouldn't detect any components.

Even the Xbox game app on PC was crashing every few seconds when just browsing.

I fixed it by setting windows to '60Hz' and not '75hz'

I reinstalled drivers AND windows and I still cant have 75hz without sacrificing the ability to watch videos.

Adept I

Might I add when I uninstall the driver for the Radeon 5700 XT I'm able to enjoy 4k videos with 0 lags or problems. Only with the driver does it still to lag and cause problems.


Yeah I’m in the same boat, definitely a driver issue.

Like I say though, I can fix it by changing windows to 60hz in the “display settings” window.

Perhaps try something similar?


I tried changing my hz, nothing fixes it.

Adept II

I had the same issue on my 5700XT but ONLY on some youtube videos on every browser and videos were stuttering ONLY in google chrome. I refunded this card, so much problems with literally everything. Now on 1080Ti no problems with anything...