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Journeyman III

Monitors Recognized incorrectly

So I've been trying to figure multiple issues out for the past few weeks to no avail.

These may be possible causes that if I can fix...may result in solutions:

1: Windows labels the monitors #1 and #2, but this is contrary to what the GPU recognizes them as. 

I've tried switching cords and  different variations of plugging in and running.  I've currently got both monitors hooked up to displayports with displayport to HDMI cords.

2: the GPU recognizes one monitor as HDMI and the other as DVI.  Both are Displayport>HDMI cords.


Could the monitor be showing as "out of range" during the boot/post screen because it's getting a funky signal meant for DVI/HDMI when it's really supposed to be sending a Displayport signal, then correcting itself once windows loads and working properly?

Could i be getting the "infamous" Dev Error 6068 from COD Warzone because what the GPU labels "monitor #1" is what windows labels "monitor #2?"


I dont''s my system specs:

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