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Journeyman III

Monitor Curved QLED 27” CFG73 | LC27FG73FQUXEN issue with FreeSync

Hello Folks

I got problem with my monitor Monitor Curved QLED 27” CFG73 | LC27FG73FQUXEN i got RX 580 Nitro+ from Saphire, and i got problem with white bar of pixels appears on left corner of the screen

Problem is when i use DP-DP cable + Freesync and 144Hz i try use 2 diffrent cable and issue is stil the same. HDMI with freesync is ok (120Hz). When i turn off Freesync issue is gone no problems.

Link to movie with problem (white pixels appear near Firefox icon)

Samsung 24 C24FG73FQUX - issue - YouTube

Any idea, i send my monitor to Samsung they give me new panel but issue is still this same?

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