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Journeyman III

Moniter keeps on crashing

My monitor keeps on crashing on me, I fixed my GPU problem but now there is another problem. I am a youtuber and I use OBS to record my videos, my RX 550 really does not like it when I open it up. When I do open it up, OBS that is, my monitor just crashes. And what I mean by crashing is that my monitor just turns black and then after 1 second, says HDMI1 has no signal. After 5 seconds, my monitor finally detects my PC's signal and just displays everything like nothing ever happened, and my Roblox app just crashes after the screen turns back on. So, then I have to re-open Roblox, which takes forever, then I can play whatever I want to play on Roblox. I tried to use the built in AMD recording system, but if I start to record, my monitor also crashes. Please help.


Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-3470 CPU 3.20 GHz quad core

GPU: Radeon RX550/550 Series

System Model: OptiPlex-7010 


Full System Specs:





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Adept II

Make sure you are running OBS as an administrator.  You might also have onboard graphics taking OBS over, try the following:

Step 1. On Windows, you need to select the Start menu. Hit "Settings" > "Display" > "Advanced Graphics". 

Step 2. Then, select OBS Studio from various applications on the desktop. Choose the "Options" button and then you need to click "High performance". Here, you set it as the dedicated graphics card.

Step 3. Once done, click "Save". Also, shut down your computer and then open it. Then, perform OBS Studio. 


I don't see OBS, all I see is this:Screenshot 2023-05-28 203937.png



I figured out why. Apparently, my windows doesn't have access to my Graphics card. How do I allow it to have access?


Also, it says a driver timeout has occurred whenever it crashes.