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Journeyman III

Minor graphic issues with new Far Cry 5

So I jumped on the game last night and it wouldnt let me play. Said I had to install a new driver. After I downloaded the new AMD driver I got on and on the lowest settings i get 7-18 FPS and it has all kinds of lag issues. The Vram counter at the bottom says Im using 2.03 out of 3.98 gb.

my specs are

i7 7700K


AMD Radeon R 9 Fury Series (Saphire)

I'm like 99% sure I have at least the minimum so I dont know why its running so poorly. any help would be very appreiciated.

so i looked through several posts in the steam community. someone had the same problem and the solution was this response:


Try this, V-sync in game OFF. Go to Fullscreen, Exit Game

Go to Nvidia control panel,

3d Options:

Turn triple buffering ON, set V-sync to FAST. Turn Threaded Optimization ON, go to texture filtering quality, and turn it to HIGH PERFORMANCE, go to Power and change that to Prefer MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.

Configure Surround, PhysX,

Change the Processor setting to your video card, instead of Auto.

apply everything.


i would be so thankful if anyone knows what i can do against it.

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By chance did you run DDU driver cleaner prior to installing the new ones? Sometimes this helps a lot.


unfortunately it didn't work out. :/ any other ideas ?

edit: i runned ddu 2 times in safe mode then i installed the driver.


What wattage is your power supply and is this the only game you experience this issue?

The game should run very good on your machine but I would point out that the help you dug up online would apply to an NVIDIA graphics card and its settings/control panel and not the AMD fury and Radeon Settings. As stated before, do a complete graphics driver removal and then a clean install with drivers downloaded from AMD directly or Guru3D.


my wattage is at 750. i already did a clean reinstall of my driver using the latest update feom amd itself. yes, the solution was for an nvidia graphic card, i just thought that it could help to find the solution.


Which version of Windows are you using? You haven't specified if this is the only game that is having issues or not...

If you're still having issues, check your background processes and temporarily pause any AV software. The problem might not be with the card at all, but another piece of software or unresponsive processes like Windows Update service or uPlay.