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Journeyman III

Low fps in Dayz

Servus and greetings from Germany . First my specs

Ryzen 9 3950x-   Rog Strix B550-E Gaming  - 32gb ddr4-   Rx6800 Gigabyte - AOC monitor 144hz on 1080p.

Games like Metro Exodus run at 200+Fps with Boost from the Card settings on Highest.

My Fav game DayZ is running on lowest Settings on unmoddet servers at 90 fps and sometimes on 90-120 fps. I have tryed alot until i posted here.

Process Lasso and SMT... Only on 2 cores then 2 more and more and more. Nothing happend with Smt and without smt .No reaction in game still the same fps.

Drivers all the newest and bios Update too.

Gpu is chilling at 16-20 % in game. I set the gpu min Frequenz to 2100 and the max is 2219. But in game the Frequenz is very often dropping to 467 and jumping too 2100. 

I deleted my  Dayz settings in dokuments from Win10 but nothing happend. 

If had anyone the same Problems or a good Idea please let me now. I really need help. 

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Adept II

I have 5600x and RX 5700. But this happens to me too. GPU clocks dropping down to 800, gpu utilization is about 20-30%. insane stuttering and freezing and fps drops. Fix your drivers please!

Try to use the driver 20.4.2. It is the last playable driver with rx5700xt

True. I recorded a video about this.

Adept III

Need report about low performance in dayz - in bug report amd

But I must say right away-for the rx 5700 xt, the drivers became bad almost 2 years ago, and there is still no solution to this problem...and since all drivers are universal, this is for the rx 5700 xt, this is for the rx 6800 xt meaning everyone will have a problem...Need anymore report about low performance in dayz - in bug report amd - perhaps they will pay attention to this - but this is not certain - for 2 years they did not pay attention


Please!!! Anyone who observes lags or bad graphics in dayz on AMD graphics cards write a review about it here

dayz developers will pay attention to this and finally fix the game for AMD users - this is the official bug report of the dayz website

P.S. I wrote about this problem in AMD and they answered me
that there are no problems with the drivers - it means that the problem is in the game and all questions are to the dayz developers