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Journeyman III

Low FPS and drops 6800xt


I have problems with my 6800xt, how can i improve fps  and fix fps drops, mainly in warzone.

Im using competitive settings at 1920 resolution and i get fps range from 130-180 but i don’t know why there is difference

I tried everything, overclock my gpu in adrenaline, change settings, split power cable for gpu, upgrading drivers for card and system, uninstalling antyvirus… and i dont have idea what is the problem… gpu usage is around 70%, cpu about 60% only ram is about 90% but why i have this difference in fps?

maybe the problem is that game is installed on HDD? Should i try to reinstall on m.2?

CPU: ryzen 7 5800

GPU: dell rx 6800 xt

ram: 2x 8 3200Mhz xmp kingston

supplypower: 1000 W

Windows 11

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Adept I


Both your CPU and GPU are more than capable to run Warzone, especially the CPU utilization at 60% shouldn't be a problem. GPU can sometimes hit 100% or can sit at 80% for most time.

The issue here is a big discrepancy between min and max FPS, your average fluctuates too much.

Please go back to default settings in Adrenaline. 

Install MSI Afterburner and use that to increase voltage and overclock your card using overclock scanner. It will do the job for you.

What mobo are you using? Do you have PBO enabled on your 5800?

Journeyman III

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