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Adept I

Is the Wx9100 compatible with the Elitedesk 800 G9?

Hello everywone

i want to know if the Pro WX 9100 feat an HP elitedesk 800 G9. Thanks

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Which HP Elitedesk 800 G9 model do you have?

I presume you are talking about Small Form Factor Model:

These are the alternate GPU cards that HP recommends for that model:

Screenshot 2023-01-27 114926.png

You will need a Small Form Factor GPU card for your PC case plus one that will work with the low wattage PSU (260 Watt it seems) that is installed on the PC.

Here are the specs on the AMD Professional GPU card:

Screenshot 2023-01-27 114926.png

Compare the Nvida T400 SFF GPU Card to the AMD Pro GPU Card in size:

Screenshot 2023-01-27 114926.png

Thank you for your answer !!!

No it’s more like this model : 800 G9 Elite Tower

Do you think the Pro WX9100 would be compatible or the Radeon Pro VII?

thank yo




@fsadough would be the best person to answer your question. He is AMD Moderator for Professional GPU cards.


Mark a solution AFTER FSADOUGH replies (-: .


Ok @elstaci! Thanks



Adept I


Hi ,

can you help me about my post please. 
I want to buy this graphic model : Radeon Pro WX9100 for 5 Desktop Elitedesk 800 G9 Elite tower and i want to know if it’ll be compatible.

failing to tell me which model would be compatible

Need your help. Thanks

FSADOUGH will probably reply next week.


No. Radeon Pro WX9100 won't fit in and also you do not have enough power from your PSU to run the WX9100. Can't suggest any GPU, if I don't know what applications on which OS you are planning to run and also what your display requirements are? What are your criteria to select WX9100 in first place?