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Journeyman III

Increasing VRAM on Ryzen 5 5500u with a Hp Laptop?

I have HP laptop and I need to increase the VRAM. The only problem is that the Registry Editor option doesn't work and the Bios doesn't have an option to increase it. Also, I don't have thunderbolt ports. What should I do?

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Journeyman III

Same here... I have an Asus Vivobook k15 oled... I have 16gb of ram but 512mb vram only...


When I was checking the specs on several different laptop brands not 1 thing was mentioned about the so low 512VRAM . I would have not bought this 1 year old HP windows 11 with this bad Video ram. 

now I can not install good FPS games because they need gpu at 2Gb's to 4Gb's of video ram. I am so pissed off at HP and AMD for not listing the V ram. so now I got to search for a new laptop that has 2Gb of V RAM.