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Journeyman III

I keep getting a kernel 141 error with my amd RX 570 GPU

I just recently a build a new pc, everything was running fine until i wanted to test some games, and they were running fine, smoothly, but suddenly they just stop and send me to the desktop, without letting me resume the game, when i hover the game icon it shows nothing, but the sound is still playing in the background, with some other games it just straight up crash, i dont get a BSOD, windows still runs fine.

i already:

  • reinstall the gpu drivers twice with DDU with different drivers
  • reinstall the chipset drivers
  • reinstall the games
  • reinstall the visual c dependencies
  • check for corrupted files on windows

and nothing.
and as far as i know, my other components are perfectly fine. i already tested my RAM with memtest and it has no problems

This only happens with games, so im starting to think that this is a gpu hardware problem but im not really sure, so im looking for help from people with more knowledge on the topic.

My specs are:

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 2600,
  • GPU: RX 570,
  • PSU: 500w EVGA,
  • MOBO: Gigabyte 450m ds3h,
  • 16gb RAM,
  • OS: Windows 10

Thanks in advance

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