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Journeyman III

i have a hp laptop core i7 8550 u 16 gb ram 1.8 ghz amd 530 grephic card but in every game game start lag every few seconds later can anyone help me i try every method plz help me.This is the video u can see

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Try disabling HDCP and see if that helps.  If not you may need to lower your graphics settings until the game runs smooth. Check the minimum specs for whatever game this is. That 530 is closer to the low end on ability.

This method not working bro


You bought a low end graphics solution granted better than the default intel graphics but still at the absolute low end of current generation graphics from AMD.  It isn't going to play many AAA titles at much more if at all low to med settings. If you feel that your machine is operating below what it should then you should talk to it's maker about support options and potentially an RMA. You can google benchmarks for common games on such a gpu as yours and see if you are in the correct neighborhood of results. 

Adding to Pokester comment,  In Radeon Settings you can set Game Profiles so that the laptop Discrete GPU is used besides the IGPU and configure the games to see which settings plays the the best.

Also for the current AMD Laptop Drivers to work correctly, your Intel APU drivers must have the latest driver installed. I would update all drivers on your laptop, especially the Intel drivers. You might want to use Intel's own driver updater INTEL DRIVER &  SUPPORT ASSISTANCE.


Hey bro, your GPU doesn't meet the recommended requirements for playing FIFA 18 or 19 (I suppose). The minimum is having a R7 260 (just checked from EA website) and that GPU is atleast 3 times more powerful than your GPU the AMD 530. Just play an older version of FIFA or try watching some of these videos that try to run the games at below minimum requirements: (that guy has a GPU that is considerably worse than yours so it may work for you!) Also to record a game like you did you need a lot better, a lot better GPU to actually make a video without having lags while you play. You are probably new or don't know anything about PC Gaming but here is what you need to know. To play a game and have good experience you NEED to have at least 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) and 60 FPS is the sweetspot. You can see the amount of FPS you have in game and other useful stuff like GPU, CPU usage, temperatures by using MSI Afterburner: and I don't know if it comes with this but this is needed too:! Hope I was of some help.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when you try to record (make a video) when you play a game the FPS drops considerably so that is causing the lags. I think by lags you mean by dipping framerates (from 60 FPS it drops to 20 FPS and then goes up to 60 FPS again) I think that you get that kind of just FPS lag, due to your GPU not being powerful to run the game smoothly (60+ FPS).

Glad you recognized the game! I figured that was likely but the OP never mentioned what game it was. 

The EA logo in the top right helped a lot. EA has only one franchise of football games and that is FIFA


Thank bro for reply but this issue on every game


If you are having an issue with everything then you have a bad gpu or power supply or corrupt Windows registry.

Try your card in another machine and see if it does the same thing. If it works fine you might then want to do a clean install of Windows. If your power supply is older it may be failing. You will also want to make sure it meets the minimum specs to run the card you have installed.