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How much power is really needed for PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon RX 560 ?

  I bought a used PowerColor Red Dragon RX 560 4GB graphics card from eBay and I'm not sure if my computer's PSU is powerful enough to power it or not. My PC has a 180W 80 Plus Gold PSU. The back of the box for the graphics card under Power and System Requirements says, "Minimum 400W or greater Power supply wattage is based on the specific graphics card and the typical power requirements of other system components. Your system may require more or less power." The recommended PSU for the RX 560 is 450W.  I've contacted the seller about returning this and the seller replied to me that it should only take 60W to 80W to power it. The seller also replied that 450W is the recommended PSU but 75W is more than enough.  Is there any truth to this or will my PSU blow up if I try to install this graphics card? 

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