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Journeyman III

Horizontal white line issue . . .

Have an issue with an ASUS ProArt PA248 monitor used with Radeon 7800HD video card; narrow, horizontal white lines near the bottom of the monitor. These always seem to appear after coming out of sleep or hibernate sessions . . . . not during 'all' restorations from sleep or hibernate, but they don't appear any other time.

Now, my question is, if I shut the monitor off then back on, why do they always go away for several hours or even a day if system left on until some random occurrence coming from another sleep or hibernate session i.e. not during all restoring of system activities? I don't know if monitor, video card or some interaction with system. But power monitor off then back on does away with it . . . . for a while.

Appreciate any and all input into this.  Thanks


(by the way, what a pain in the ass posting into this forum . . . . . . trying to correct issues in the post then hitting 'flooding' restriction with still no post in the forum . . . . .  )

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