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Journeyman III

high GPU temps 7900xtx


Recently I Purchesed a prebuilt computer from cyberpower who are based in the UK and I have noticed that i have high temps of 60 to 70 degrees even when it is  only using about 10/20% and when it is on 100% it ranges from 70 to 120 degree. they have agreed to replace this however need to check with yourself and confirm  that this is an issue with the card due to some cards should not be reaching this temp. Please can you let me know if this is normal with the temps running so high or if this is one of the effected cards this is a AMD reference card. 

Screenshot 2023-01-16 193737.pngScreenshot 2023-01-16 194130.png

2 Replies

from what is see , yeah it seems to be that hotspot issue ..

if you want to do some more tests to see how this reacts:

are you running last drivers etc ? just try maybe to uninstall them with ddu and reinstall

then are you using a high refresh rate monitor ? try to set it on 60hz

try to use hdmi if you have one ..

you can always try that vertical/horizontal thing , but in all case you shouldn't not have 110° except with some airflow problem ( but even your power draw is only 330 so ... and gpu temp not even 70 .. so, sadly...)

Adept II

Junction temperature of 110c with the fans ramped up to 2800+ RPM is not normal. Yes, it is an affected card. Just have CyberPower replace it, there is no other testing necessary.