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GPU: Radeon RX480 (4gb GDDR5)

CPU: I5 6500 (Not Unlocked)

Monitor: HP Pavilion f1703 (60,75HZ)



[Need anything else lmk]

I have tried so many things, but I have stutters in Battle Royale/ Games that require alot of texture loading, and mainly any game. All It takes is for me to move my mouse around and look around, and I get a whole new level of stuttering

Things I have tried, that have lowered stuttering, but in the end not a huge difference:

1.Reinstalling Windows (Tried Win 7,8,and 10)

2. Turning off services that could be causing lag (Hyper V, Diagnostics, Superfetch, Prefetch, Xbox Game DVR)

3. Messing with the page file numbers

4. Changing BIOS settings, updating BIOS

5. Trying to optimize cpu (Turbo Boost, unparked cores, ESIT, etc.)

6.Rolling back drivers, upgradeing drivers, reinstalling Chipset drivers

7.Downloading MSI Afterburner and disabling ULPS, and putting fans on max, keeping GPU temps around 40 to 50 celcius at all times.

8.Changing power plan (tried them all)

and pleny more that I cant bring up at the top of my head, now I am going to share my amd global settings (is in the image)

I am honestly stumped. If you have any advice, please let me know, I want to enjoy crispy smooth gameplay.

Also, if it is to note, FPS is always more then enough, and thing such as maybe a drop from 240 fps to 180 in cs go causes a big drop or stutter in game.

I may be doing my solutions that I listed the wrong way, so if you have a service for me to stop or a page file to try, or CPU settings and etc for all that, please, feel free to list it, I am desperate at this point.

(Also, should I try cleaning my Registry? I heard that might help, idk if it will be good or bad for my pc)

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Adept III

In order to create a clean slate, Here is a common or basic check list of things or areas one needs to address:

  • Check and remove all non-accentual programs and bloatware as these tend to keep running in the back ground if not used regularly. Things like MSN new, Weather etc need to be shut dow as these will continue to run in the back ground.
  • Turn off all auto updates windows or otherwise via "system services".
  • Enter "System Configuration" > "Services" > check "Hide All Microsoft Services. This will force load only those programs you want.
  • Clean you cookies & temp folder. The browser (all browsers) on your system need to have their settings clean routinely. To access the temp folder, locate the "user" profile within the filesystem. Then locate your user or computer name. Ftome here, you may have to uncheck hidden files/folders as you will need to access "App Data" then the temp folder. Typically this user temp folder becomes bogged down and needs to be cleaned every morning or evening.
  • If you're not using wifi/wireless/bluetooth turn them off (completely) within your system services. Locating an turning off the Bluetooth has really made a difference in my systems performance.
  • Set your password exptremely high with the use of character fonts and a combination of numbers, caps lock etc. Also set your router/gateway password for any wifi/wireless settings.. Just so you know, that your computer has a wifi/wireless device installed. this is above and beyond what your router/gateway might also have. Use only the router/gateway as you main wifi/wireless source.
  • I hate to say it, but the AMD app uses your system also and it times it could over use or even be over adjusted by you or the factory. In any case, since the purchase of the new computer, I've yet to open the AMD setting/catalyst setup. Running just on the drivers as installed on the system.
  • One last thing, search your game software for other game developer's executables. Because I use Blizzard games, they secretly added something called "System Survey" which can activate and scan your system at anytime, Yes even while you're playing. With this system survey active, it can cause a laggy or hesitation looking screen play. In essence it's just another programs running in the back ground which draws from your system at the worse possible moment.

Thank you for your response. I have tried all of those, except the executable one, having difficulty with that one, and I also installed Windows Server 2016, which comes with no Bloatware, and only uses 5 percent RAM on idle, so background apps are not a problem. I installed AMD Drivers but did not open the app, as you advised. I will let you know if this helped the stuttering after I fresh install Steam. Do you think this could be a SSD/HDD problem as well?


And, any Services you reccomend I turn off?