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Journeyman III

HD 6870 fans on max

Hi. My HD 6870 fan wont stop running at full speed. Can anyone tell me why or what I can do to change this. Have changed the thermal paste and looked over the PCB. Nothing visably wrong. Has the fan a built in fan controler or does the fan motor set the speed according to the temp. Please help me sort it out. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and maybe come up with a solution to this funny problem.

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Journeyman III

I know this may be WAY late in the game but I recently acquired an HD 6870 to rebuild my first computer.

I believe the fan is thermally controlled. It will ramp to 100% at start up then slow down once out of BIOS. Sometimes those issues are due to drivers sometimes it can be a power delivery issue and your power supply isn't enough. I had a nVidia (yuck) 9800GT that would throw a fit when you gave it an intense workload but then I got a 650 watt power supply and that made it happy.

My questions for you are what version of Windows and what driver are you using?