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Adept I

Having issues with frequent frame drops with my rx 5700 xt

Ya so here's my problem, While playing games I'm constantly losing frames as an exemple I'm getting high frames(135 fps on 1440p) and all of sudden im going all the way down to 2 frames, at last the game just doesn't respond. It been doing this about 1 week ago right after I downloaded the new 21.5.2 software. I've been think that it was or an software problem or a psu problem. I'll leave my specs right here.

cpu: ryzen 7 2700x, gpu: rx 5700xt, motherboard: asus x570, 16 gb of ram, psu: be quiet 600w bronze, 250gb ssd, 2 tb hdd. 

As I mention it may be a software because this happened right after the new software update, but also it may be a psu problem because its a 600w and this is the minimum system requirement so probably my psu isn't giving enough power to my gpu and causing it to give low performence. Pls give me your opinion to fix this opinion, trying to get plat on cod and can't get it due to this problem lmao

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