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Have you been a victim of a Gigabyte RX 590 "" Bait and Switch Purchase online? If so what action did you take? Thanks.


I recently purchased what was advertised as a Gigabyte RX 590 GPU. 
It showed the Technical Specifications and pictures of a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1.0 GPU shown here: 

That GPU includes:
                               An additional DVI-D output.
                               Metal backplate.
                               RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting.

I even told the seller to double check the GPU was indeed a REV 1.0

The GPU I received is a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 2.0 GPU with Technical Specifications shown here:
Radeon™ RX 590 GAMING 8G (rev. 2.0) | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE Global 

It would cost me ~ 70 to fit a Custom Backplate and RGB lighting to the GPU.

It seems this "Bait and Switch" tactic has been pretty common.
In some cases sellers actually state the GPU is a Gigabyte RX 590 REV 2.0

but continue to show pictures of the Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1,0. with backplate and corresponding better technical specifications.

I have already contacted Gigabyte Sales and Technical Support and the response is - contact the seller.

If you have been a victim of this please respond below.

I am going to do something about it because I hate to see AMD users getting ripped off like this and sellers of these Gigabyte RX590 GPUs  should not be allowed to get away with it.


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I have contacted a company specializing in Custom Backplates to see what can be done on to turn the REV 2.0 model into the Rev 1.0 model w.r.t. Backplate and RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting for that GPU.


Cost estimate to add a Custom RGB Backplate to the REV 2.0 version of this GPU.

Cost = 69.90 with standard layouts (Gigabyte Logo)
Cost = 79.90 for custom ones (Custom Artwork)

Note these Custom Backplates are cosmetic only.

They do not perform any cooling or heat sink function for components of the GPU.


The cost of an HDMI to DVI-D convertor is ~ 10.

That means that selling this GPU as a REV 1.0 but shipping a REV 2.0 is leaving the buyer out of pocket by ~ 90.
That is over 1/3 of the cost of the GPU advertised price.


Further contact with Gigabyte is getting me nowhere.

I am starting to check to see if this is part of their standard marketing practice on AMD GPUs.

Have a higher spec REV 1.0 "Yeti version" they promote and market pre/at launch.
Leave the a REV1.0 version tech specs in advertising material for retailers. 

Actually ship the REV 2.0 version.


I am leaving this review for the GPU anywhere I see it advertised.

This card is a Bait and Switch.
Do not buy.

Gigabyte have a specification on their web site for a REV 1.0 version of this GPU:

It has a backplate, RGB Fusion Lighting, Gigabyte logo and fan stop, and additional DVI-D Port.

REV 1,0 is a Yeti card. Rumored to exist but no one actually owns one.

Sellers always advertise the REV 1.0 specifications and pictures because it looks great value at the price.

When you part with your money you then receive a REV 2.0 version.
It spec is here:

REV 2.0 version has No backplate, RGB Lighting, DVI-D port missing.
They are so mean there is not even a Gigabyte logo on the card.

It would cost about 80-90 to get a custom RGB backplate (cosmentic, not metal).

I do not know if the REV 1.0 backplate performs a cooling function or not – if they are real.

Look at the Amazon Link above in this advert – It pulls the same Bait and Switch Fraud.

Click on the link – you get REV 1.0 specs but you will receive a REV 2.0 version of the GPU.

I have contacted Gigabyte about this.
They know exactly what they are doing.

PRO: <40mm 2 PCIe slot version of RX590. Only option if you cannot get ASRock RX590.

CONS: It is a CON. It is a Bait and Switch Fraud.


I was asked to check if the GPU I received was functional and if it looked like it was new. 

The card had not been registered with Gigbyte before.
It is now registered to me - because i had to check.

It "looks" new but I cannot be 100% sure.
The electrostaic bag the GPU was supplied in is resealable.
The box the GPU was delivered in was not sealed.

I took a look at the performance of this Gigabyte RX590 REV2.0 (Ripoff version w/o backplate, RGB, DVI-D port).


The performance numbers are posted in AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard here:

AMD Red Team 3DMark Scoreboard 


Repeated here for convenience. 


colesdav-Ryzen7 2700X-RX 590 -12 876-Firestrike
AMD Radeon RX 590 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAI... 


colesdav-Ryzen7 2700X-RX 590 -6 684-Firestrike Extreme
AMD Radeon RX 590 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAI... 


colesdav-Ryzen7 2700X-RX 590 -3 683-Firestrike Ultra
AMD Radeon RX 590 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAI... 


colesdav-Ryzen7 2700X-RX 590 -5 266-TimeSpy

AMD Radeon RX 590 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAI... 


colesdav-Ryzen7 2700X-RX 590 -2 268-TimeSpy Extreme
AMD Radeon RX 590 video card benchmark result - AMD Ryzen 7 2700X,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. ROG CROSSHAI... 


The GPU Power is reported as 150W in the Radeon Performance Overlay at times during 3DMark, during FurMark and other benchmarks.


PCIe connector takes another 75W making total power consumption of 225W.


A Palit  RTX2080 OC takes 220W maximum.


The RX590 has not crashed the PC yet, after 2 days of testing which is a novel experience.
I am running Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 GUI/UI + Adrenalin 2020 20.4.2 Driver.

The construction of the Gigabyte RX590 Rev 2.0 cooler shroud is flimsy.
It looks like there are sets of 2 RGB header pads on the PCB but they are not connected to a header or any RGB strips.
The Gigabyte Logo and Fan Stop Logo are missing - you can see 3 screwholes where they were removed.
Gigabyte are so mean they even removed their own logo.
The GPU has no metal backplate - the rear of the PCB gets quite hot.

I think a cosmetic backplate with RGB lighting would hurt the GPU performance, as it would likely trap heat.
I could make a metal backplate for the GPU myself, but I do not have the time.

If anyone has a PowerColor Red Dragon/Devil  or Sapphire Nitro+ versions of this GPU it would be interesting to see how you think this GPU performs in comparison.

I will post pictures of the GPU later - if I keep it.

Adept II

  • I recently like many others have bought a rx 5600 xt and they have sold us a product that they advertised as upgradeable and with performance improvements, it turns out that it is not, and the technical service is behaving fatal. Two months I have been with them crossing emails and not solving anything. They are hiding information and selling half-done products as definitive in our case the rev 1.0 are the ones they have sold us that are inferior and only the rev 2.0 are what we really wanted to buy. The lesson I am learning is not to buy AMD or Gigabyte ever again.

The Gigabyte RX590 REV 1.0 is real.
I bought one.
I will be testing it over the next feW days, and will generate FireStrike data for the GPU.

I will upload pictures comparing the GPUs next.


Gigabyte RX 590 REV 1.0.

Gigabyte RX590 Rev 1.0.jpg

Gigabyte RX 590 REV 2.0.

GigRev 1.0.jpg

As you can see - no backplate. 3 screws missing for the LED Gigabyte Logo and Fan Stop.
There are two sets of 4 solder bumps for the removed LED header connectors.
DVI-D  output is also missing, not shown.


I have just compared the Performance of the Gigabyte RX590 REV 1.0 to REV 2.0 in 3D Mark benchmarks.

The cards show identical performance, within a very tight margin of error.

One interesting result though.

RX 590 performance shows a significant drop in performance moving from Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 to Adrenalin 20.4.2 driver.
I will post details later.

It might  just be an unfortunate side effect of performance optimisations done to improve the RX5000 series cards.

It you have a Polaris GPU you might want to compare Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 performance to the performance with the latest Adrenalin 2020 drivers.



3DMark Firestrike score is about 12% higher score on the Adrenalin 2019 19.12.1 drivers in FireStrike.

Adrenalin :                                                    2019.12.1                           Gigabyte RX590 REV 1.0.          




I am double checking the above result - treat it as an anomaly for now please.


Hi Coles

Yes , I live in Norway and I had experienced the same thing.. EXACT same thing !!



Thank you for letting me know.

The only solution is do not trust purchasing Gigabyte products ever again.


Colesday.. I could send you a picture if you want.. I experienced this bait and switch thing and fought with the seller because I was expecting a gpu with rgb and back plate.. And they sent me this Rev.2 version which was completely naked and no rgb. charged me the same price!! I fought with customer service and all they gave me was a refund on shipping. Now I really regretted this buy early 2020 because it was a pretty hot card and always on loud fans when playing Kingdom Come Deliverance.. It sucks. I really want to take it back but since the gpu crisis is bonkers now I am stuck with the GPU.. Can you do something about this Coles ? please help.. We need to get to manufacturer about this

This is worth watching regarding Gigabyte Customer Support:

Why Gigabyte Can No Longer Be Trusted: