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Green screen crashes while gaming (RX 6600 XT)

Hi, so recently i've been experiencing green screen crashes while gaming, mainly destiny 2 and hunt showdon, they occur randomly and when the green screen happens it automatically restarts my pc, i've trying lots of different things like: using diferent drivers, doing the installation on minimal or drivers only, updating chipset drivers. Also i thought it was my imagination but when i tab to a diferent window a see little green lines, more like little green pixels.

To be honest i dont know what to do anymore, it feels like the card is broken. 


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Try gathering some information. Start with HWinfo to monitor everything.

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thnx, will do



Listing your FULL system specs would be helpful .. including make/model of your power supply

BIOS up to date on your motherboard?

Make/model of your case? How's your case's airflow? type of CPU cooling? CPU/GPU temps?

ThreeDee PC specs

power suply: Gigabyte P650B bronze

mother board: B450 AORUS M

GPU: RX 6600 XT

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

RAM: (2) t-force 8 GB 2400 MHZ

About the airflow, it is not great i only have one fan, but i have been monitoring the temp of both the cpu ( around 80 C) and gpu ( around 35 C) they seem to be doing fine, because of the nature of the situation i havent seen the exact temp when the green screen happens.

Sorry for the late response.


not a very good power supply .. that could be your issue

Make sure your BIOS is up to date

Make sure you have the latest AM4 chipset drivers installed from and not Gigabyte's website

Make sure your RAM is installed in slots A2/B2 (2nd and 4th memory slots away from the CPU socket)

ThreeDee PC specs

i updated the drivers and the BIOS, also i change the location of the RAMs but it seems the problem got worse, i get a green screen like every hour.


GPU at 35 is not under load. You said this happens while gaming right?

A quick google search shows someone on reddit with a 6600xt with green lines who fixed it by replacing the HDMI cable.

[ 5800X3D | Aorus 6950XT | MSI B550 | H115i Pro | G.SKILL 32GB 3600Mhz | 850W Gold | Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz | HP Reverb G2 (v2) ]

yeah, i have replaced the hdmi cable.