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Journeyman III

Green Screen Crashes bf2042 after recent update

HI everyone.

5900x 4.6ghz 1.3v

6900xt red devil ultimate oc 2550-2650 vram 2130 wattage 1200 and power limit set to 15%

corsair venegence pro 3600mhz 64gb 

psu corsair hx1000i

mobo x570 msi mag tomahawk

x2 1tb 980 pro

temps gpu ranges in mid to high 60s C and  cpu is mid to high 60s C (both water cooled)


after the recent bf2042 update ive had 2 green screen crashes. system does a full restart both were at complete random

ive checked file integrity via steam 

so far ive only had these crashes with bf 2042. its only happened during my first gaming session. afer the reboot it wont do it again. 

event viewer doesn thave any cautions messages

hdmi is fully seated into gpu 

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Journeyman III

Hi there,

I think that have a similar case, but my BF 2042 was closed unexpected while I playing in first minutes.  I use this specs:


Ryzen 9 5900X

32GB DDR4 in Dual channel

Win10 Pro

My AMD adrenaline software was do reinstalled using the clean method, I tried reinstall the game too and the behavior is the same, the game breaks all time.

Thanks for help