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Graphics Cards

Adept I

Graphical Errors RX5700

Video Games

Shadow of War, Dota 2, League of Legends, Dying Light, Ori and the Blind forest, Star Wars Jedi Fallen order, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, 4, 5 and Caesar 3. Gets Graphical error after 2-3 hours of playing. No longer getting black screen of death. Now I only get graphical errors every 2-3 hours of playing. It is damn annoying. Also Shadow of War takes have stuttering cutscenes. Using version 20.2.2!


When watching videos on Youtube. Gets white screen of death randomly sometimes. White screen of death happens randomly when you have 4-10 tabs of videos open on Youtube. It has the same effect no matter which browser you use. Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc. Does not matter.

Idling computer

This happened when I was downloading games on steam. If you leave the computer on for 1 - 2 hours without doing anything. Just let it download games on steam but you are not surfing etc. Then the RX5700 will give you black screen of death.

Converting videos

When using software to convert videos. Like converting video from MKV file to AVi or other formats. I get Green Screen of Death.

To sum it up.

Video games gets graphical error.

Youtube gets white screen of death.

Idling computer gives you black screen of death.

Converting videos gives you Green screen of death.

I be switching to NVIDIA on the meantime. Until AMD gets their stuff together. Fix your drivers. NVIDIA has none of these problems. And stop saying excuses like it is my power supply. I see those power supply comments often. I use NVIDIA now. ZERO PROBLEMS. I have been owning the RX5700 for 6 months. This is just sad. Very sad. Makes me very sad.

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Adept I

Im in the same boat paid way more than the card is worth never again

One should never pay 600 us dollars for a product that simply put is not worth half of that.

I had considered buying an AMD processor also but if they are of the same quality no thanks.

i believe i will also be switching back to Nvidia. Never had these problems.