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GPU not detected, fans are spinning


I just bought myself a new Mobo, Ram and a new CPU. Having installed all that, it was my first time installing a new Mobo, my PC actually ran fine! Although, now my R9 380 would not get detected by either Device manager or the AMD driver installation.

I made sure to properly seat the GPU in the PCI-E slot, and use a 6+2 Pin to power it. Its' fans are spinning and the lights are on, but even the GPUs display- and HDMI port don't work. (I'm using the mobos HDMI port). My specs are:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

Monitor: AOC G2460PF 1920x1080 144Hz (Just on 60 Hz right now, tho)

CPU: i5-8600k 6x3.6 GHz

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

GPU: AMD R9 380 Strix 4GB

PSU: Xilence XP580 R3

Motherboard: ASRock H310M-HDV  Bios Version 1.2

RAM: 1x 8GB DDR4-2666 Crucial Ballistix

Things I've tried:

Uninstalling all AMD drivers with DDU in safe mode

Installing AMD drivers (tells me that there was no AMD hardware found)

Reseating the GPU in the PCIe 3 slot multiple times

Making sure the BIOS chipset uses PCIe express, instead of onboard graphics

Trying to update BIOS through the BIOS (told me it was the latest version)

Urgh, please don't tell me I broke my GPU. D: I'm driving to my local PC vendor tomorrow and see if my GPU works on their Mobos. Is there anything else I can try? I'd appreciate any help!

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Have you been able to run this GPU with this power supply before? I'm thinking the new core components (the CPU in particular) might be putting the PSU in the red at the bare minimum requirement for the 380. I believe the official minimum is 500w, so if you only have 80w more peak power I would advise to try a more powerful PSU if possible.


Is this a ASUS R9 380 GPU card? This is the Asus Support Manual concerning your R9 380 STIX GPU card: . Troubleshooting part of the manual:

The R9 380 Requires a minimum PSU for System wide Wattage of 550 Watt PSU. PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX

These are the common Symptoms of a failing or bad PSU:

The symptoms

Just about any intermittent problem can be caused by a faulty power supply. I normally look there first when the symptoms are a little weird. Common power-related symptoms include:

  • Any power-on or system startup failures or lockups
  • Spontaneous rebooting or intermittent lockups during normal operation
  • Intermittent parity check or other memory-type errors
  • HDD and fan simultaneously failing to spin (no +12V)
  • Overheating due to fan failure
  • Small brownouts that cause the system to restart
  • Electric shocks that are felt when the case is touched

So you barely have the Minimum PSU installed but it should work though and it sounds like it is good. Follow the troubleshooting guide for the Asus R9 that I copied from the above link.

Is your Corsair Memory Module one of these which are the ones that are compatible with your Motherboard: ASRock > H310M-HDV

DDR4Corsair266626668GBCMK16GX4M2A2666C16 see: 5.29DS2
DDR4Corsair266626668GBCMK32GX4M4A2666C16 see 05.30SS2
DDR4Corsair266626668GBCMD32GX4M4A2666C15 ver4.23DS2

The best way to see if your GPU card is damaged is by installing it on another computer. If that computer doesn't recognize the GPU card it is a good bet your card is bad. If it does recognize the GPU card and it works fine than it might be a bad Motherboard PCIe slot or failing PSU. Since you only have one PCIe16 x16 slot you would need to RMA the Motherboard or the GPU card.

Asus has a 3 year Warranty on all Graphic cards. ASrock has a One year Warranty on this Motherboard.


Alright, I visited my local vendor and I had pretty interesting results.

My GPU seemed to work fine on other motherboards, even with PSUs at 300 Watt.

Meanwhile, the mainboard worked fine with GPUs (Obviously installed in the same spot). Apparently, my specific GPU just didnt work with that specific mainboard.

I just got a new mainboard and the problem's fixed.


great, there is another user with similar problems with a HD 5450. I will link him to this thread. thanks for the answer.

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