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Adept I

Gigabyte RX 5600 XT Gaming issues

So this is my very first post in the forums, basically my RX 5600 XT refuses to work properly, I got the card for the last 3 weeks and basically all the fixes posted on the internet doesn't work. I already sent reports for the drivers on the amd support page. Here are my issues

My games like Kingdom Come Deliverance, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Demo will play for a variable length of time and will always end up with a TDR Failure, Black Screen, Green Screen or a hard restart. Only Dota 2 seems to work fine.

Adobe Creative Cloud apps like premiere and after effects end up green screening too so not only my gaming has issues but also my work is compromised. 

I reinstalled Windows,

Used DDU as I had an NVIDIA card before this,

Tested driver versions 20.1.3 to 20.3.1 using DDU before installing drivers,

Installing driver only without the software,

removed my pci-e extender,

set the PCI version on my bios to 3.0,

removed my cpu overclock.

disabled hardware acceleration,

updated windows, bios, chipset.

Had a 1070 that worked flawlessly before I got this card.

basically the only thing left that I can do is return the card and swap it out with a 2060, but with the ongoing pandemic I am basically stuck with my $299 paperweight. Is there any fixes that I may have missed out?


Windows 10 Pro 1909

Ryzen 5 2600


Corsair 16GB Vengeance 3200

Gigabyte 5600 XT Gaming

Seasonic m12 700w

Samsung 250gb 850 evo 

I attached crash reports from some of the games below if that helps.

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I'm having the same issue xirombinha


Andref i guess this card is very stable while playing GTA V, but in other gamer the card my become instable. I have some issues when i do nomal tasks for a very long time in the PC, but if I play GTA V the whole day I have no freezings. Very weird. If you card remain stable after some time, pleas share with us.


Yes I had the same sometimes so that I had to descrease memory clocks speed. I mentioned about this in other thread, here is my post:

"Today I performed some additional stress tests via FurMark and now can say that this card however can't handle 14 Gbps memory speed when stress testing. I had some green screens at this speed so I started to descrease memory speed and I stabilized it at 1650 Mhz (13,2 Gbps). Here is the mpt file to MorePowerTool that you can Write SPPT to you registry: F60_1670_1750Mhz_Memory_1650Mhz

At this value card is still quite fast, GPU Boost clock is set to 1750 Mhz and memory clock is 1650 Mhz and is better than standard 1500 Mhz of memory speed (12 Gbps) and GPU clocks are increased.

I personally doubt that there will be stable 14Gbps VBIOS update but we will see. For now I can live with such overclocked card."

So please use this file via MorePowerTool instead of previous one from my instruction. With this new configuration I have never had unstability on F60 VBIOS.


Hi Andref24 your chages worked, but only if i'm playing. If  I'm working on the Desktop with programs like Google Chrome and Discord. My Pc crashes after 1-2 hours.

I have disabled the hardware acceleration.

Did you install the adrenalins software?


That's strange because on 1650 Mhz memory speed I had no issues even on desktop and chrome. Before I've clean up my amd drivers with DDU and then installed the newest chipset driver from amd site and graphics driver with adrenalin as well. I was having the issue only sometimes on 1750 Mhz memory speed. I have Ryzen 1700X and X370 chipset. I turned off all options in AMD Adrenaline (Standard configuration instead of Game, but probably in should work on Game as well).