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Journeyman III

Freesync blackscreen

Hi everyone I have been recently experiencing black screens when using the AMD FreeSync feature. I had no problems with this when I had first gotten my monitors but its just been something that's happened. I'm running a titan army N27QW 27" 144Hz 2560x1440 and a Titan army N27FW 27" 165Hz monitor and I'm running a rx 5700xt. Both monitors running DP

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Journeyman III

I may have the same problem with a Gigabyte 32" monitor on a Vega 64.

My black screen is a 2-3 sec duration roughly once an hour

2560x1440 165Hz Displayport.

120Hz on Displayport helps a lot, but does not fix the problem completely.

144Hz HDMI looks like it is working, but have only tested a couple of hours.

Tried 3 different AMD drivers and 2 different screen firmwares and a bucket load of windows updates.

Bought a 8k rated Displayport cable, no difference.

Initially though my screen was defective, so it is now send for warranty repair, but reading the Samsung G7 manual says the following: "― If you change the screen resolution while the function is On, the screen may intermittently blank out due to
the graphic card. Set FreeSync to Off and change the resolution."

Samsungs chat statement is that this problem is a AMD Freesync problem and not a Samsung screen problem.


I apologize if this is not the same problem.


this will fix the issue ,, the main issue is the gaming mode