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Journeyman III

Framerate and stuttering issues RX 5600 XT

Hello, I have had my RX 5600 XT for around half a year now. I started having stuttering and framerate issues in mid-January, and I have been switching Adrenalin versions and trying some online solutions.
I cannot find any way to fix it, and I still get very low frames in all games. It never had this problem before so can anyone give some troubleshooting?
-RX 5600 XT
-X470 Chipset
-16 GB RAM
- Ryzen 5 3600 
-512GB SSD

There is also a weird thing I noticed. Whenever I tab into a game, for around half a second the frames are normal, but after they drop down instantly.

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Journeyman III

I am have the same issues as yourself. This is so annoying hopefully a update fixes this issue. 5800x/ 6800xt