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Journeyman III

fps become low and lockd !!!

hi. i have asus rx 460 2gb (just pci-e plug and dont use psu direct) graphic card and play some games good and correctly.

todaywhen i play the game , at the first moments it run correctly but after a while fps bcome very low .

i install some monitoring apps like asus gpu tweak and i see gpu clock become low and lock on 214 . its very low.

the game i run for test was the game i played about 6 month ago with high performance !!!

i test all update versions of radeon and mainboard bios and...

my power is 550 w and my mainboard is asus z170 pro gaming .

i just suspiciuos about relation between power and graphic card. but i render 3d works with cpu on 100 % work right so my power suply shoudnt have problem.

i remember when i played games power fan work on high intensity but now become high and low

plz advice

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I would reinstall the latest drivers. When installing choose custom install not express then choose clean install. Give this a go and let us know how it works out.


unfortunatly i give back gc to guaranty !!!

i tast it on my friend's pc and it works incorrectly!

but always i instal driver in express mode so i worry about it.

tnx for your advice