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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

Error 173

So I had an update after the update my amd software wouldn’t work at all no solution on this worked either was far to complicated so I done my own bit of work, this worked for me completely 100%, 

I unlocked the latch that locks in my graphics card to my pc and pulled out the plugs connected to my graphics card, “ push the graphics card in a bit and lock the latch do not put leads into graphics card. “do this while computer is turned off and power supply lead pulled out” 

i then connected my hdmi to my cpu so it would recognise another gpu the onboard one, connect power supply and turn on when the pc fully starts up uninstall amd software, plug the power leads back into your graphics card while the pc is turned on, proceed to turn off your pc once fully off, plug the hdmi back into your graphics card and turn the pc back on and it should resolve the no signal screen and download drivers as usual, pc is now back to normal and can resume Warzone which I use it for as normal 

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