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Adept I

Dual Monitor Setup - high VRAM clock and Power Consumption in IDLE

Hi all,

im so frustrated - i bought the 7900XTX a few weeks ago and got my new monitor today. I thought i would enter gaming heaven now. But unfortunately not.

After setting up my dual monitor setup (AW3423DWF 3440x1440@165 Hz and DELLS2716DG 2540x1440@144 Hz) the horror begun. My mouse would stutter and lag on idle on the desktop. In Game everything was alright.

But it nagged me - so i started investigating and found, that probably my old nvidia driver is still partly active or blocking. I wanted to reset my system anyways so i did it. Fresh Windows and here we are. The Problem is still here. Windows is Lagging and Opera / Chrome with a playing Video is the worst. Almost feels like rubberbanding.

Ive seen in my AMD drivers that the idle wattage is at about 100w on dual screen mode and the VRAM Clock always at 2487 Mhz fixed. When i reduce the refresh rate of the 2nd Screen (S2716DG) to 60 Hz the consumption dropped to 30w and the VRAM Clock to around 250 Mhz.

With that i could live - really. BUT: now i get a flicker everyminute or so which **bleep**s me up. And also: when i boot my Computer the PC still lags for 10 Minutes until my Browser works normal.

I tried also the following: but apparently my monitor doesnt want to accept other resolutions or timings.

**bleep** is this?! A 1000€ GPU that cant handle 2 monitors with a higher refresh rate? Apparently this problem exists already a few years?!



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Adept I

Ah.... and Hogwarts Legacy is just crashing after 10 minutes every time in try to play it. Therefore... not even the gaming is fun


  1. What are the exact make and model of the DP cables you are using?
  2. Are you running 10bpc or 8bpc?
  3. What is your OS and AMD driver version installed?

I use the Cables that were delivered with the monitors. But to be sure i already ordered two new Cables, which should come today. They are meant to be VESA certified and DPI 2.1. I guess that should be enough bandwith then.

My 34" UW Display is running at 8 bit with dithering and the 27" on 8 bit.

My OS is WIN 11 Pro with latest Updates and the installed AMD Driver is 23.4.3.

I found a fix on Reddit whichi wanna try this evening, where its suggested to disable MPO:

I have to work now, but i will try on with the new cables and this "fix" later on.


But first, thanks for your reply though!



What means properly configured? I guess to turn every energy saving option off? If yes, i did that.

I testes the reduced refresh rates and resolutions - still crashes. Even if not, i guess thats not the target aim for the flagship GPU card to run games in low resolution/refresh rates.

But thanks for your reply so far!

Journeyman III

Issue persists in latest drivers.

Did not encounter with old 6900xt it seems unique to the 7900xtx