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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

driver freezes in installation process - corrupted GPU?


because I dont know in which section my post goes. and where it has been, i post it here.

As in my other thread mentioned I got heavily Driver issues:

Bluescreen by every Adrenalin software 

On my actual System (after latest post of the thread) I get the Error 
C:\Windows\System32\detoured.dll is corrupt or missing. < Fixed with
It occured because of the fault graphics Driver installation over cmd. It crashed again and could only install the .inf at the point where I can use full resolution.

I will find other Problems too soon.

Is the graphics Card broken? Even with installed Drivers I can't run 3DMark at full screen. It works in the background and shows good statistics. But I can't see something. Gonna try furmark later but for what?

Memtest follows tomorrow 4/4 Tests.. But I get no bsod of RAM. Only Maybe System Violations

Graphics Card: Radeon 5700

AMD System at 570x on newest bios

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