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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

do i really need a video card with a ryzen 7 1700

hi pls help me with this .... do i really need a video card when i intend to use a ryzen 7 1700 processor not yet sure what board i need i remember the last one i used was an asrock ab350 pro board and without any video card there is no display from the system my question is really funny for sure but just need some clarification thanks

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Yes you do, there's no video hardware on AM4 motherboards and the Ryzen 7 chips are not APUs meaning there is nothing to control a display even though there are display out connectors on AM4 boards (they are for the upcoming APUs). You don't need a superpowered high end GPU if gaming isn't your thing, any video card that will fit in a PCI-EX slot and has the right outputs for you monitor will do.


oh thanks mam , was wondering about it believe it or not am into the business of selling computers hahaha and that i dont even know thanks and in case thanks for this amd site, so my client has to choice if his choice is going to be a ryzen 1700 or 1800 dont know why by here in manila phils. there is a shortage of video card dont know if it has anything with the mining computers goin about thanks again hope i can ask guestin anytime