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Adept II

Cyberpunk 2077 and Power limit

I know that CB2077 is not really optimized, but since the December there have been some positive performance bumps - some ingame, some in the drivers, i also managed to enable Resizable BAR/SAM on my Threadripper 1900x, AsRock x399M and Radeon VII for some performance boost.

Unfortunately, the game always runs on 150-160 watts on GPU power consumption.  Power tuning simply does not work at all, while normal range is between 200-300 watts. The game therefore runs on about 60% of nominal power consumption of my Radeon VII (250 watts).

Is there any way how can CB2077 take more power for performance?

Of course i dont want just my GPU to consume more power, but i would like to see performance benefit.  At the moment i can play it on 1080p around 60 FPS.

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