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Adept I

CS:GO - Problems with RX 6000 series

Hey guys, so i've got the RX 6600 XT for like 3 months ago and before that i had a 1050 ti which was pretty great for the game except that it was getting outdated, so i got this new gpu. The problem is, actually there's a lot of them, the first one is the blurryness in any resolution if not full hd which bothers me so much because if you want to play with lower resolutions you have to use your monitor scaling otherwise with gpu scaling it gets all blurry and messy. The second problem is the loading maps issue which happens after you load a first map, then it gets like 2~3 minutes to load into a map obs: this also happens if you change anything in video settings. And the last one, which for me is the most important and annoying is the input lag, i have INSANE input lag which i don't know why this happens, if you shoot someone in the head litteraly frezzed sometimes it gets in the head and sometimes not, and the opposite also happens, if your crosshair is not in the head sometimes gives a headshot! Which for me is really annoying, so... I want to know if this can be fixed or should i just go back to my old 1050 ti and get something else.. What do you guys think?

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What i think, your title seems to be a troll. Why didn't you put 'problem with RX 6600XT'

And unsub.


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Because there are a lot of people with this exact problem, so it's not just me, and not only this gpu. 

Adept I

I bought an rx 6600 but because of so many problems I decided to sell it and continue with my old rx 570

have an 6600 also. bought it brand new. it s in a high end build (my first build) and i m having big input issues. media player on reddit will make my screen go 30 hz for some reason when my pointer hovers around the video. even some teleportation here and there in game tho that s not a that big deal for me. the input lag man is real. you had same issues, everything went back to normal after switching gpu?