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Adept I

Crossfire settings not appearing in Adrenilin

I have 2 x Radeon RX 580 series cards (both are Sapphire Pulse). I've been using one for about 20 months and just got the second one to use in crossfire mode on a few games. I've installed them in my Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming motherboard. I updated all drivers to with Adrenilin 20.5.1 and no Crossfire settings appear where they should, even though both GPU's are recognized. I've have downgraded drivers several times, going as far back as the drivers included in the box from Sapphire and the Crossfire settings are missing from all of them. What do I need to be able to activate the crossfire settings?


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Adept I

I too own two Rx 580's and wish to hook up in crossfire I had came here hoping to find answers but I see you haven't gotten any either