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Adept II

Could you fix The Division 2? game is constantly crashing with 5700 XT AE

The game crashes every 5-10 minutes in the game, I updated back to Radeon 19.7.5 after staying fine with 19.7.3 with other games.   But this game crashes regardless of the Radeon version. 

I got the game set to Ultra 1080p with 144hz refresh rate.  

on the Radeon Settings I enabled FreeSync and Anti-Lag, before that the game would load, I could run a benchmark etc, and noticed it was capped at 60fps until I set it to 144hz.  
The game suddenly started crashing.  So I went back and disabled Vertical sync in the Graphic settings of the game. 

Last I turned on Enhanced Sync, and the game seems to operate until I get some one further in the game when it crashes and send me back to the desktop.

The game seems to be unstable and it feels like it's a driver issue. 

I have my RX 5700 XT AE overclocked in Wattman at 2061Mhz with a high fan curve, I can confirm that overclock is very stable as I have had no issues running synthetic benchmarks, game benchmarks, and playing countless hours of MK11.  

When I switch over to this game Division 2 the game constantly seems to crash and breaks the Radeon Setting causes it to reset back to default.

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Journeyman III

The same thing happens to me. Many problems with the 5700 xt.

Adept II

BTW, I switch to my non-overclock Wattman profile that only has a +fan curve to see if the crashing could have been caused by overclock (which I doubt), and of course with a different profile the game still crashes. 

As before I get like 5 minutes in before it will kick to the desktop with the message that the game crashed. 


I don't see much traction happening here, so I'm going to see if Ubisoft has a community board to raise some complaints there too.