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Journeyman III

Computer Type: Desktop GPU: 5700 XT CPU: i5 2500 Sandy Bridge @ 3.7 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 PSU: Thermaltake 620W Operating System & Version: Windows 10 GPU Drivers: latest 19.7RX 5700 XT Freesync 2 Flickering with Samsung C49HG90

Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: 5700 XT

CPU: i5 2500 Sandy Bridge @ 3.7

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77


PSU: Thermaltake 620W

Operating System & Version: Windows 10

GPU Drivers: latest 19.7.1

Chipset Drivers:

Background Applications: All games, Freesync Demos

Description of Original Problem:

Recently bought Sapphire 5700 XT and as the title says I get unaccetable white flickering with my Samsung C49HG90 monitor. It has Freesync 2 48-144Hz support in Ultimate mode. There’s also Standard mode, but it’s I believe only 120-144 range so it’s pretty much useless. I was really looking forward to finally be able to use Freesync with proper AMD card, because my previous GeForce didn’t support it at all and I’ve read new Nvidia GPUs have issues with Freesync on my monitor.

I tried different games and in I.e. Project Cars 2 it’s very bad. But for some like Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, and RaceRoom (often after trying various settings, vsync modes, refresh rates) it was playable, but still white flickering was visible and colors were brighter when Freesync was engaged. For instance in Assetto I discovered when I pressed Ctrl+f (toggles GPU stats overlay) two times, the flickering almost disappeared (But it’s weird, next day the solution stopped working and I don’t know what actually changed) I managed to reduce it, but it’s still visible even at high stable FPS. It’s also very visible in the AMD Freesync demo (windmill). I changed to HDMI, but it didn’t help. Again after trying various settings, refresh rates etc. At one point I thought Standard freesync mode fixed it.I used CRU to add 48-120hz freesync range and still at first it didn’t help, but then adjusted monitor refresh rate, set Standard Freesync and in the AMD windmill demo finally animation was perfect and all indications showed Freesync was on. After that even Project Cars 2 seemed perfect also without colors brightening. But then tried different games at different FPS cap etc. and it “broke” again. Seeems like freesync was actually off.

Also tried older drivers to no avail. Even tried CRU to set freesync range. Finally had opportunity to try GeForce 1060 6gb turned on Gsync compatible with vsync on and it instantly was WAY better even in Ultimate mode. Pretty much only at FPS drops or low FPS the white flashing and flickering is visible, but not bad. Even in Project Cars 2 were it was constantly terrible, now it’s almost perfect, only visible at sudden FPS variations . In menus is the same bad as with 5700 xt.

TL;DR Tried everything, and while in some games flickering is significantly reduced in some games, but it’s still visible, even at stable FPS. When tried GeForce 1060 6gb with vsync it was instantly almost flawless, except sudden FPS drops. Only In menus was the same bad flickering as with 5700.

Anyone also has similar issues?

Does anyone have any ideas what else I can try to fix it? I don’t think new drivers will fix it soon as freesync flickering is not even in known issues list. It there’s no fix for 5700’s Freesync issue I will return it soon, because I have 14 days to do this without specifying reason.

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