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Adept I

Cannot switch graphic card

My laptop are using 2 graphic card, Radeon R7(Primary/1024MB) & Radeon R8(Switchable/2048MB).

I've been encountered some problem, the R8 graphic card cannot be used / switched even if im using the Radeon Settings, i've tried to search about my problem but still cannot find an answer, I've already update the driver to latest version, also my radeon additional setting is missing, It feel laggy when im playing Fallout 4 / Skyrim even in low setting =/

My laptop Spec if you need it

Asus X555Q

AMD A12-9720P


Radeon R7 Graphic Card (Primary/master/integrated/switchable)

Radeon R8 M435DX Graphic Card (Linked/Discrete/Switchable)

Windows 10

For more information feel free to ask ^^

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In device manager graphics/display...any yellow marks?

Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System | AMD

It is best to use the graphics driver furnished by the laptop manufacturer > Download Center | Official Support | ASUS Global


AMD recommends using the graphics drivers provided by your notebook's manufacturer as the manufacturer has customized the drivers to support the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook. Customized graphics drivers are available for download from most notebook manufacturer's web site.

If the current operating system is not the version originally installed on the notebook it may not meet all requirements and compatible graphics drivers may not be available. Please refer to the notebook manufacturer for supported operating systems and drivers.

AMD Mobility Radeon™ Graphics Driver:

AMD provides generic reference drivers for AMD Mobility Radeon graphics with limited support for notebook specific features and functions.

There is no "additional settings" anymore.

Laptop graphics update...How to

already did that, clean and install my driver, updates it to latest version, even my display went crash because uncompatible to the driver version xD, but nothing happened =/


Your laptop does not have "switchable" graphics, it has "linked" graphics.

Your laptop runs both cards in a hybrid crossfire mode and renders in AFR mode (alternate frame rendering), it renders frames alternately on each card.

wow i didn't realized that, thank you so much, but how to ensure that my device is running on R8 Graphic ?

because even if i play fallout 3 in medium or high setting it got low on fps


Here are the spec's for a similar graphics setup like yours.  It will give you an idea of what kind of performance you will get.

AMD Radeon R8 M445DX Dual Graphics - Benchmarks and Specs - Tech 

Adept I

Well, accidentally i found out that everytime i launch a game from radeon setting, the games always went on 'power saving' mode, how to make it run on high performance?, ive already set up my power setting to high performance.

even if i choose on high performance mode on radeon setting, the game will automatically run on power saving mode, what i have to do to fix that? 


You must have the computer power plan set to 'performance' and the computer must be plugged in...not on battery.

already did that, but the radeon software still automatically turn into power saving mode when i run a game


RADEON SETTINGS 1_25_2019 12_07_03 AM.pngalways on power saving mode, i couldn't turn it into high performance ='/


Not all applications/programs will run on high performance. Some are web browsers. You can not assign the high performance setting to a 2D application.

so i can't turn my fallout new vegas into high performance mode?, i still dont understand, it like the R8 are useless


Use the drop down arrow next to FalloutNV and select High performance mode. 


Already did that, but as i said, the radeon setting will switched back to power saving automatically when i run it =\


Can you change other high performance applications to power saving?


I can change the mode to high performance for some apps, but for game it can't be changed to high performance ='/