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Can't Use/Apply Custom Resolutions..?

Just wondering how I can actually "use" or apply the Custom Resolutions created in Radeon there... I created a Resolution (2560x1080), which is supported by the monitor (I used it on my old GPU) and yet I can't just click "APPLY" to 'use' the Resolution.

I saw it said that I would just have to pick the Resolution in Games, etc - but it does not show up in games or in the Windows Control Panel as a selectable Resolution. The games in question support the rez, as I used them with my old GPU (before this one), I also utilized the rez in Windows, before. 

Just in case, I checked for GPU driver Updates, hit/forced a Windows Update, Flashed my BIOS to the latest, both on the mainboard and on the GPU; but nothing has worked so far in allowing the custom resolution to be 'used'. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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So you have created the resolution in the Adrenalin software but it's not showing in settings or you aren't being allowed to create it?

2020-06-01 (1).png

It let me create the resolution (which my monitor doesn't in any way support) and apply it but I had to adjust the timings.



Thank you for your reply/inquiry; I was able to create it and Save it. It shows up on a list in Radeon, but does not show up in any lists in any games or in Windows Display. Odd, heh. 

I may soon be considering re-installing Windows 10, since I've seen so little others have this specific issue...


There is a free utility that creates custom resolutions too that you can try. It is called CRU (custom resolution utility) you can download it here: Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) 


Thank you very much.

Sadly, two of the executables come up as having a Virus: VirusTotal (link to details of detection)

"._cache_6004ae6cf62dcf577b9e6bb3270647e7.virus.exe" accessing "C:\Windows\Fonts\staticcache.dat", etc

I did see it on GitHub though: (link to GitHub page)


Really a virus from that forum link? That is their forum, the guys that make it. You might want to send them or post a message of your results. That has always been reputable so I would think if it is infected they don't know about it. 

You could absolutely download it from another source. The utility has been around for a long time. Good Luck!


I just downloaded it. I have to think you either had a false positive or they got it fixed already.

I had the file scanned with which scans it with literally most know scanners and no issues.


Just a thought if you re-download that and still see it as a virus. I would run Malwarebytes followed by a full scan with your virus scanner, from safe mode on your machine. Some malware can infect files that you download. 

Journeyman III

I know this is old, but I just wanted to say for anyone else with this problem that it seems like GPU scaling has to be off for it to show up in windows display settings correctly.