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Adept I

Can't activate HDR RADEON RX 6900 XT

After having to disconnect the graphics card from the motherboard because of a BIOS problem, and after reinstalling last drivers (clean uninstall first), I can't find HDR toggle in windows settings anymore. There's no such thing as HDR in the AMD software.

During first install of the drivers and the graphics card, I had the HDR toggle button in windows settings and activated it as my smart TV have HDR functionnality.

Is there a HDR switch in the AMD software or can it be activated elsewhere ?


Intel core i7-7700K 5GHz



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First you enable it from Windows, then check it is enabled in your monitors setup menu.

I don't know if there is any switch in Radeon software. Don't recall one, but I almost never use HDR as it is way too bright in desktop use and Windows is not exactly great with HDR anyway, at least Win10 I'm using.

Adept I

If the HDR switch was available in my windows settings, then it would solve my problem...

Anyway, I had to reinstall windows and all the updates, to see that the HDR switch is still absent, even if I setup my monitor colors properly.

IS HDR enabled in your monitor? Do you

If I recall correctly, some monitors do not allow HDR simultaneously with some other features. Could be that you can't have for instance backlightstrobing or something else enabled in monitor.

If you google the subject, there are many guides what to do. For example how to enable it from registry:

Adept I

HDR is enable by default on my TV screen. As I said, I had the HDR switch on windows settings before all that happened.

I'll try the link you provided and I'll tell you what happens.


Is this missing from your Windows Settings:

Screenshot 2022-11-22 150337.pngScreenshot 2022-11-29 103332.png

Run in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell the following line to check you OS installation: SFC /scannow

Yeah it's missing, as well as the HDR switch in display settings general


haha ( ՞ਊ՞)

go check if this in settings/graphics/advanced is disabled

then check your windoze hdr settings again

Adept I

Is the gpu connected directly to the display or through another device like a avr or sound bar.

Are you using hdmi or display port.

On an empty space on the desktop, right click, select display settings, if available, select hdr and turn it on.

The gpu software can not enable hdr, it needs to be done from windows, you can also access hdr from settings, display.

I have a gtx 960 4 gb and a rx580 8gb both are uefi cards, but only pne win10 PC is uefi.

Sometimes windows will turn off hdr for better performance,then it has to be enabled again.

Adept I

10bit activated and SFC scan OK repaired install.pngNO HDR SWITCH AFTER SFC AND 10BIT FORMAT COLOR ACTIVATED.png

I believe your Windows OS is corrupted. Even if you don't have a HDR compatible GPU or Monitor that option should still show up in Windows Settings.

Make sure Windows is fully updated via Windows Update.

First try running the following Command line in a elevated Command Prompt or Powershell: SFC /scannow

see if it finds any errors in your Windows OS.

If HDR Option is still missing try doing a In-Place WIndows Repair by running your Current Windows Installation while on the Windows Desktop.

That should show the HDR Option again in Windows Settings.

Community Manager

Perform a Factory Reset of the 22.11.2 AMD driver. Instructions here >

Make sure the 10-Bit Pixel Format option found under the Global Graphics menu is set to Disabled. For 10 Bit Colour you need the option for 10 bpc enabled in the display tab of AMD Software only. 

HDR option should be visible in Windows Display menu.