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Journeyman III

Bluescreens and flickering screens

The bluescreens happen on most mornings when I turn on my machine.

The computer has sometimes crashed and restarted itself in a game, but even when just web browsing I get flickering all over my screen. I was making this post (and needed to make an account, so lost the original post) and managed to catch the flickering happening for only a brief moment, most of the flickering was occurring whilst I was scrambling to get my phone, it lasted for 3-5 seconds as it normally does.

Here is the video:

The BSODs I have received involved a CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED and UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION from what I remember.

The AMD Bug Reporting tool caught two issues and I have the zip files on my desktop, if that helps at all to find my issue.


  • AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • ASUS Rog Strix B550-F
  • Corsair TX650M PSU

I have a monitor with freesync.


  • Antilag is off
  • Chill is off
  • Boost is off
  • Image sharpening is on
  • Enhanced sync off.



  • Freesync is on
  • Virtual super resolution is off
  • GPU scaling is off

£2.5k is a lot of money to feel like you wasted.. please help me out. The coilwhine is bothering enough as it is.. at least not let my PC off itself and flicker the screen.


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Journeyman III

Had a driver issue for Realtek that I made occur today by installing realtek drivers via armour crate for ASUS. Whenever I played sound it caused the system to freeze and videos to start stop so fast a single second could take a minute to go by on the video.
System restored it and it is okay now.

But it makes me wonder, could AMD Radeon Software have botched the drivers up, and how can I tell?


Shameless bump..