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Black screen in every game

I have an issue when i play games on PC. When I start any pc game my screen goes black for around 1-2 seconds, especially when i pause the game or when I do alt-tab. For example, in FIFA22 it happens in every cut scene (when i pause game, before any free kick, corner, out). This happens only when I play games, when I watch movies or just use my pc to read internet everything works perfectly. I reinstalled my gpu drivers but it din't help. Everythig worked well before but suddenly i got these weird black screens, so gaming is impossible right now. What might cause this problem?

My PC spec: Ryzen 5 2600, RX580 8gb, 16gb ram, SSD.

1 Solution

It turned out my hdmi cable was damaged. 

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Have you assigned the high performance graphics (RX580) to the game?



I just tried it, but it doesn't help me. Just to be sure: every game worked perfectly yesterday, but today I have these black screens in every game I try to run, especially when I pause game or there is any cut scene.


It turned out my hdmi cable was damaged. 

i have this same EXACT issue as well. i just changed my hdmi cable! hoping it works

Adept I

Even though you mentioned reinstalling the GPU drivers, it's worth trying again with a clean installation. First, uninstall the current GPU drivers completely, then download the latest drivers from the official website of your GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) and install them.