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Journeyman III

Black screen after waking...triple monitors


I've had this issue a few times but a quick reboot always fixed it.  Last night I woke my pc up and my 2 side monitors work but the middle never woke up.  Says "no signal " .  I've rebooted several times in fact i turn it completely off every night.  I've redone the drivers several times.  Rolled back to the previous driver and it didn't fix it.  Also just disabled hdcp. 


Specs- r7 5600x

6750xt reference card

32gb ram, ssd, asus tuf x570 

I have a 3 monitor setup.  The screen that went blank is the center monitor.  The pc still works I can boot, I ran a few games on the other monitors just fine.  I was hoping that would wake it up but it hasn't.  Also changed out the displayport cable.  Only thing I really haven't done is try an hdmi cable, which I will when my new one arrives.  I see lots of posts about black screens on here and I did my best to check the solutions and try them.  Unsuccessful so far. 

The monitors are 27" acer monitors.  2k, hdr, ect.  I do iracing primarily and again have never really had any issues until this.  I rolled back drivers but I didn't do the fresh start thing that deletes all the amd stuff upon update.  I'll try that next I guess.  

Any other suggestions?  I think that I did see an error pop up with the amd window when the screen wouldn't wake up initially.  

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Journeyman III

its either some kind of software issue, or the displayport stopped working on my middle monitor because it works just fine with an HDMI cable!?!?