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Journeyman III

Asus RX580 crashes often when playing games

Hi guys. I got from a friend about 1 month ago his old RX580, because he bought a better one. The friend who gave it to me never had any problems with the card. However, the card always crashes when I quickly tab into a window or play something. The graphics card does not even get warm (maximum 65°C). But after I looked at the values over time via HWMonitor and captured them, I noticed that the card suddenly gets extremely little power (milliseconds before the crash). But with the power supply is probably everything be ok, because the readings from the power supply are correct and 700W capacity should also be sufficient.

I have already tried to use older drivers, partly also from 2021 and 2020. I have also tried functions such as "Radeon Chill". However, I have not tried functions such as "Energy Saving". I have also tried to undervolt the card. But all that did not work. I have also always reinstalled the driver via "DDU".

As soon as the graphics card crashes, I get a black screen on my 2 monitors and the fans turn up completely. If I restart the PC via the RESET switch, I still get a black screen and the fans do not turn down. I have to turn off the PC completely, wait a few minutes and then it works. However, the driver no longer works after booting and I have to uninstall and reinstall it with DDU.

That is my situation so far. I hope someone can help me. LG

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The RX 580 has an operating frequency of 1257 MHz and boost to 1340 MHz and memory runs at 2000 MHz .  Under a full load that requires up to 185 W of power.  If your PSU is anything less than 750 W your going to be hurting.  If your PSU is 850+ and still having the problem you might check your modular cable.

One other option, and I'm not certain it is even available in the BIOS anymore, is in the BIOS see if you have a SREAD SPECTRUM option and see what it is set on.  Default has always been "enabled".  Power is a major issue that most everyone overlooks.  A good analogy would be a 20 amp circuit breaker running devices that consume 25 amps when all are operating.  Your going to have problems, period.