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Journeyman III

ASUS AMD RX 6700 XT fans don't spin

Hey Guys,

So I built a new PC. Specs below:

CPU - AMD R5 5600X

GPU - ASUS AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT OC (AMD Adrenalin driver version - 23.3.1)

Ram - XPG Gammix D30 16 Gigs (2*8)

MoBo - ASUS Prime B450 M-K2

PSU - Cooler Master MWE 650 Bronze V2


Issue - The GPU Fans are not spinning as expected no matter how high the temperature gets.


Fixes tried - 

1) Tried setting fan curve in MSI AfterBurner.

2) Uninstalled MSI AfterBurner.

3) Uninstalled existing drivers using DDU and performed clean install of latest driver - (AMD Adrenalin driver version - 23.3.1).

4) Tried turning off the "Zero RPM" toggle in global tuning section of Adrenalin.

5) Tried setting custom fan curve.

6) Un-plugged and re-plugged the GPU.

7) Un-plugged and re-plugged the PCIe cables.

None of the above have worked - when I run the in-built stress test, the temp keeps ramping up to ~105 -110C but the fans stay at a stand still.


When I move the fan wings manually by touch, it starts spinning and goes to around 400-700 RPM and stays here no matter how high the temperature gets. I sent the GPU Back to the seller for troubleshooting but for them the Fans ran as expected as per the fan curve set.

Adding screenshots for reference:

Side viewSide view

PCIe viewPCIe view

bottom viewbottom viewLow temp behaviorLow temp behaviorStress testStress testHigh temp behaviorHigh temp behavior

Any help/insights would be really helpful and appreciated!




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