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Journeyman III

AMD - We seriously must talk about drops.

Hey AMD,

I think it is time to address the ongoing issues with your drop system. 

to be honest, it doesn’t play out well. Casual gamers are blindsided while scalpers and bots score every week again and again.

please reconsider your strategy, I would love to place an order for a graphics card of my choice and wait some time until it is ready to ship.


Please - think about pre-orders or a step up system so that the distribution of available cards is no longer unfair.

best regards,


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Adept II

I can't agree more with this. I have three PCs in our household that we have wanted to upgrade for two years. I would love the ability to submit an order that AMD fulfills when hardware is available. 



Journeyman III

It's been more than a year I try to get an AMD GPU every thursday, it would be great to do something about this queue system.

AMD, please ! 


I agree.  This morning, I was randomly in the AMD store and, after a while, up popped a notification about the queue starting in 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, I got a dialog about my wait to enter the store/queue (whatever it was) was greater than an hour.  Seventeen (17) minutes later, that changed to say all graphics cards were gone.

There's got to be a better way.  I realize AMD can sell everything they make within nanoseconds to scalpers, bots and cryptominers and charge whatever they want for it.  But, it sure would be nice if they implemented a proper queue system where people could enter a queue whenever they wanted, prove they're an honest to goodness person (there are ID services designed to do exactly that -- for instance, even the IRS is using for verified logins), select what they want, perhaps even pre-pay or put a deposit down, and get notified when that's available.  And, of course, AMD could set aside some decent fraction of their manufacturing for actual people.  I know there would be a cost for AMD to do that (personnel costs and the opportunity cost of not selling pallet-loads to scalpers instantly).  But, surely doing something to help regular people would have a long term benefit.

It is ridiculous, I got in queue ten minutes early and my little bar barely moved. 20 mins later it ended. I have tried many times. People are using BOTS and programs to get around the queue. They probably use Sessionbox or something similar to beat the lines.