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Journeyman III

AMD UE4 glitch

its a graphical glitch that is exist in drivers from version 17.4.4 until now 18.3.2 about one year I think , I saw some guys in reddit too ,  those have problem like me ; its about games those using Unreal Engine 4 like Ark , PUBG , Fortnite , Friday the 13th and ... . and the glitch is like this in picture below :20170611002103_1.jpg
in whole game u see textures like this all games those I told you. and u have two options , one is run game as windowed or fullscreen windowed it means less FPS or use old driver (17.4.4) my amd card is HD8730m and I installed all drivers from 17.4.4 until now only 17.4.4 is ok and my windows is 10 (v1709 , b16299.309)  , Im a new user here and only make account to share this with amd to fix it for us , pls put this in known issues and fix it in new whql driver    

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